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Dance and Gymnastics

Dance and Gymnastics

Dance Club

GMS has a first-class dance studio, therefore, it was not surprising that 60 students signed up to attend dance sessions in the first half term. The students who participate in this sport are planning to showcase their flair and creativity in a gym and dance show scheduled for February. Enthusiastic leaders, namely Ella Goff, Rebekah Rous, Leila Gatrell-White, Tilly Sutcliffe and Katie Moorin, have been outstanding in their promotion of this club.


In KS3 and KS4 gymnastics is a growing discipline. Helen Windsor and Anna Lewis have demonstrated fantastic leadership, encouraging more youngsters to become involved. All students in Years 7-11 are given support and encouragement leading to confidence and aptitude in gymnastic skills.

Dance and gymnastics are two sports that complement each other, which is why the Gym and Dance Show is always such a successful event on the school calendar. GMS strongly advise that parents and carers put the date in their diary, so as not to miss the opportunity to witness the skill and enthusiasm of the participants.

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