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The Gig

The Gig

The Gig, a Year 7 singing event, was a huge success. 200 people packed the school hall and were delighted with what they heard.

The following is a review written by Arthur McDonald and Ethan Gosney.

The Gig Rehearsal.

As we walked into school we knew that we would have an amazing day. Rehearsals started in period 2 and lasted for the rest of the day. The Gig itself started at 6 pm. We had time to prepare, especially with the help of our motivating teachers: Miss Mapes, Mrs Jeremiah and Mr Beveridge. As we walked into the hall to rehearse we felt more nervous than we had expected to …

Rehearsals started well, we enjoyed listening the other acts as well as preforming our own. The solos sounded absolutely amazing! During periods 4 and 5 the whole of Year 7 came together to practise our singing and to understand what to do in The Gig. We started by rehearsing our ‘Mash up’ and Counting Stars. We knew this was our only chance to practice before The Gig!

The Gig.

As we walked into school, with only 45 minutes before The Gig was due to start, we felt so nervous (more nervous than we were earlier in the day). We did go through a run of Counting Stars before the first solo acts went on stage. The first acts made a wonderful start to the evening. After the solo acts were done everyone prepared to go on stage. We knew that there were over 200 people sitting in the hall waiting for us to perform.

As we walked onto the stage the silence made us feel even more nervous. We did our ‘Mind Up’ brain break, then came the warm up lead by Miss Mapes. Next, we heard the familiar voice of Mrs Jeremiah. As we started to sing our ‘Mash Up’ (Let it go from Frozen, I’m yours by Jason Maraz, Someone like you by Adele and Price Tag by Jessie J) Mr Beveridge strummed on the guitar. We sang our hearts out! Our finale was Counting Stars by One Republic.

The Gig was a huge success!

Written by Arthur McDonald and Ethan Gosney

GMS Year 7 The 'Gig' concert 2017

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