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Sixth Form Independent Study


Year 12 students are allocated a number of study periods. These lessons should be used constructively for learning: they are not free time.

Independent study is an essential skill that students have to master in order to be completely successful at A-level. It is the difference between study at GCSE and A-level. Students will be expected to complete this independent study, which could be in the form of reading or researching, in addition to all homework that is set by teachers.

For example, if there are  4 hours of a subject per week on a students’ timetable, they will be expected to complete 2 hours of independent work in that subject during their study periods or at home.

Those students in Year 12 who understand the importance of effective independent study have benefited greatly in their progress and achievement. Whilst GMS want students to enjoy their time in the Sixth Form, it is important to recognise that choosing to study requires commitment to learning to gain qualifications on or above target.

At the beginning of September, on a date specified on the calendar, all Year 12 students take part in a study skills session, as part of their induction process.

Covid-19 Information. 

A few changes have been made to ensure social distancing is achieved in the sixth form, to comply with government guidance.

  • The hall space has been opened to provide more than sixty social-distanced seats for students to work and eat in throughout the school day.
  • Breaktimes are supervised by staff  and workstations are effectively distanced
  • Students have been informed that, unless they are working in a single-use study booth, no more than four chairs are allowed around a single table.
  • The silent study area has doubled in size providing a mixture of study-booth and desks at which to complete work.
  • Students have 4 areas in which they can work if they are not in lessons: the silent study area, the 6th Form Centre, the mezzanine area and the terrace immediately outside the 6th Form centre. In all of these areas, students are allowed to eat and drink.
  • The café is open with a clear system to avoid congestion-there is no seating available in the café to aid the flow of students and avoid crowding
  • Existing provision for Year 13 students to leave site after their last lesson of the day has minimised the potential crowding at certain points in the timetable.
  • Year 12 PE has been split so that rather than the whole cohort doing PE at the same time, students have a lesson once every two weeks.
  • All students are required to follow the one-way systems implemented by the school.




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