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Wisepay Payment System

Wisepay is GMS’s new payment system for catering, trips, events, purchasing items and for all other payments to the school.

Access to Wisepay is through the icon on the front page of the website (right hand side) or via the below link. There is also an App available on both the IOS and Google store called ‘WisePay Limited / Ltd‘. To use the Wisepay App you will need to know our organisation code (see below).

The school contacts all primary parent/carer contacts of students who attend GMS via email, and gives the login credentials necessary to set up their account.

Login credentials consist of a username and password.

Merging Accounts

Important Merging Accounts: – If you have more than one child at the school you will receive individual login information for each child. It is strongly advised that you login to the Wisepay website with your youngest sibling’s details first (as that is the primary account). Next, merge additional sibling accounts with the one that is your primary account. This is done via the ‘My Merged Accounts‘ option (see below). The app doesn’t require you to merge accounts.

It is strongly advised that you change the default password of your primary account. (Remember, if you have more than one child at the school, this is your youngest sibling’s account). NB,  when you do this the username will automatically change to your registered email address. You will receive a login for each sibling attending GMS; as referred to above, you can merge them all into the primary account.

Please note; you can not merge accounts from two different organisations, if for instance you have a child at GMS and one at another school that also use Wisepay it is not possible to merge these accounts. It is something Wisepay are looking into though.

Wisepay App

The Wisepay app is a great way to conveniently check, top up and purchase items for your children(s) account on the go. Simply download the ‘Wisepay Ltd‘ app from your google or Apple store. Type in our organisation code (68774148) followed by your primary account login details. You will see Great Marlow School, click here, click the name of your son/daughters account you just signed in on and your in! If you have merged accounts you can switch between them the same way you do on the website. Click My Merged Accounts and select the child’s account you would like to manage.


Below are guides on how to use the system and get registered, you will be emailed your login details: –

Any problems regarding onboarding or Wisepay please email

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