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Gifted and Talented (G&T)

“Most students have high aspirations for the future and many are successful in gaining entry to good universities. They recognise the valuable contribution the school makes in supporting them through different curriculum pathways to success.” (Ofsted July 2010)

At Great Marlow School we are proud to celebrate the success that all pupils achieve – whether this is in academic subjects, sport, music or the arts.

We are committed to providing pupils who are identified as gifted or talented with the encouragement and support that they need in order to reach their full potential in both school curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. Our focus is on achievement, not just attainment and we celebrate excellence in all its different facets. All members of the school community work together, with parental support, in order to provide stimulating and challenging work that will extend knowledge, skills and understanding: the aim is to and open doors to learning beyond the classroom.

This academic year there has been many enrichment opportunities for the G&T pupils. These include speakers, workshops, after school clubs and trips. Year 8 G&T pupils were challenged by a two day workshop in the Arts, Creativity and Enterprise Centre’ in High Wycombe and were highly commended for their presentations. Our G&T mathematicians achieved national success in the Maths Challenge and the G&T historians were given the opportunity to complete in a national World War One story writing competition. GMS pupils also achieved notable success in the National Young Writers Awards with a Year 7 pupil achieving the third prize. ‘Geography Star’ an afterschool club, has been set up and the pupils are currently working towards a WWF competition. Our talented pupils have also been stretched through the on-going Sports Leaders programme in PE and through a Multi-Skills Academy event. This event, during the holidays, allowed our pupils to interact with others on a range on different sporting activities from swimming to rock climbing. These are just a few examples of the enrichment opportunities offered at GMS.

Through quality provision and an effective tracking system, G&T pupils continue to be stretched and achieve in Great Marlow. This was highlighted in the 2010 Ofsted report; ‘The most able pupils are being challenged more rigorously and they are performing better as a consequence’.

“Teaching is often outstanding. In the best examples teachers prepare and plan their lessons carefully using assessment adeptly to match the work well to students’ differing needs. Lessons start crisply and they provide very good pace and challenge to all. Teachers use questioning to make students think, to draw on their previous learning and to give reasons for their answers.” (Ofsted July 2010)

If you think your son/daughter may have a gift or talent in any subject or extra-curricular activity please contact Mrs Evans at the school.

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