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GMSBC Row the Thames on Ergos

Saturday 21st May saw the GMSBC squad kitted out and rowing the length of the River Thames on the ergs. It was a hard, physical day for all concerned – for the River Thames is a mighty long river.

The machines spun relentlessly and by mid-afternoon the combined excitement and accompanying noise level gave a tremendous enthusiasm to the event. The Year 8 and Year 9 rowers swapped efficiently to keep the kilometres clicking down to success. These enthusiastic year groups took the boats well past Tower Bridge and the Royal Albert Dock, leaving only a few km for the coaches to row to finish the challenge.

The event raised over £2,000. As the event was taking place in Swish Fibre shop and students were out and about advertising the event, there was a buzz generated in Marlow High Street as well.

GMS thanks Swish Fibre shop for hosting this event and we thank all the students who gave their time to participate. Many thanks to Mr Murison who supports and champions the rowers and for his report published here.


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