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World Book Day March 1st

World Book Day March 1st

Tokens issued on World Book Day are valid until 25th March.

World Book Day was swept in on a blizzard of snow swirls and the expectation that the school would close. What better way to spend a snow day than entranced by a book and a storyline you could not possibly have conjured up for yourself?

The younger years had been reminiscing about dressing up on WBD, as Harry Potter, an easy one, scar plus glasses; Oliver Twist, bowl, spoon, shabby clothes, glasses optional. A surprising number of Year 7s desired to be  Oompa Loompas, those violently coloured creatures singing catchy tunes about horrible naughty children. The imaginative world of R Dahl can hardly be bettered and can act as the stepping stone to so many others, authors who can make a difference in a child’s life.

The library is going to have a book sale after Easter so if you have any teenage books you do not want please pass them to the library, we would be most grateful.

Every Year 7 and Year 8 receive a book token entitling them to a £1 off a book worth £2.99 or more, or they can get a specially written WBD story in exchange for the token in participating workshops. The tokens can only be used if you are under 18, so please encourage your child to use them to go forth and find a good story.

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