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Shortlisted Success in the Girls Active Programme

Shortlisted Success in the Girls Active Programme

Great Marlow School had three shortlisted candidates, aside the winner Chloe Brownbill, in the nationwide Girls Active Programme: Daisy Coombs, Mia Elton and Harley Stevens. Below are the citations about the students who were successfully shortlisted.

Mia Elton was nominated for the Inspirational Ambassador category in the Central Region.

“Mia has been working with GMS PE Department as a girls’ ambassador for most of the time she has been at school. Through illness she was unable to participate in lessons practically, so she took on the role of teaching assistant and gained a wealth of experience in leading and inspiring others. Since being elected as a Girls Active leader, she has coached younger girls [in the] fitness club, umpired netball matches for the school, assisted her peers at trampolining club, volunteered at department events and been a driving force behind the Girls Active Takeover of the Redgrave Sport Centre every Wednesday afternoon. She was confident to speak up in front of the other schools at the Girls Active festival at Stoke Mandeville to explain [the] pledges and she created a Snapchat group to discuss ideas with the other Girls Active leaders. She supports and promotes the group through Twitter and has encouraged members of staff to join the club on Wednesdays. A truly inspiring student, who in the face of adversity, has fought to maintain participation in sport because of her enjoyment of it and use her passion to encourage others.”

Harley Stevens was nominated for the Committed Learner category in the Central Region.

“Harley was always a good sportswoman, participating in the netball and athletics teams, but was hampered by injury and started to be influenced by other interests, which took her attention away from sport. At the start of Year 10, her participation in sport had decreased dramatically and her effort in Core PE and GCSE PE lessons was certainly affected. When she was appointed as a Girls Active leader, Harley regained focus and self belief. Her attitude to learning improved and she started to be the motivator for others in lessons as well as herself. She has become less distracted by other students and their perception of her and she is now showing her true ability. This has consequently had a positive effect on her attainment. Harley is very confident and has been one of the main organisers of the Girls Active leader group. She came back from the Girls Active camp a strong individual with very clear ideas of what she wanted to achieve at school. She is a hugely popular [in] the group and this has impacted her commitment to learning.”


Daisy Coombes was nominated for the Wellness Transformation category in the Central Region.

“Daisy was never the most sporty of students until she started believing the praise she was given in lessons. When she was selected as a Girls Active leader, she was visibly proud of the achievement and has since embraced the role. Daisy has taken her enjoyment of physical activity and started to participate out of school at a teenage yoga class. She enjoys it so much that she recommended the teacher to the school and is working with PE staff to organise a class to be run at school for other girls. She is far more confident now in her own skin and is conscious that it is important take care of herself through exercise. She is a positive role model in her class, where there are a number of girls who also lack in confidence and prefer not to try their best in lessons. She encourages them and the follow her lead.”

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