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Prestigious Win for Chloe Brownbill

Prestigious Win for Chloe Brownbill

Chloe Brownbill is the winner of the regional Girls Active Prize for her commitment to sport.

In the Girls Active Awards 2017, she was recognised by the Youth Sport Trust to become the regional winner of the Committed Learner category. The Girls Active Awards celebrates the work of schools to develop positive attitudes towards sport; it recognises individual students for their personal academic achievements, wellness transformations and inspirational leadership through increased physical activity.

Entrants for the regional prizes were chosen from the North, Central and South of England. One overall winner will be announced in October. The Committed Learner award recognises that there is an improved commitment to learning as a result of increased activity or sports participation. Chloe was chosen as the regional winner for the Central region due to her involvement with an after-school club on Wednesdays and her improvement in lessons as a direct result of her increased confidence due to newfound leadership skills.

‘I help out at our school sports club on Wednesdays and I think it’s built a lot of girls’ confidence, especially in younger years,’ explains Chloe. ‘I used to be scared about what other people thought, but now I’m a lot more confident. Getting more involved with sport has really helped my leadership skills. I think it’s had an impact on my attitude in other lessons, because now I know that I can do things if I try.’

‘Chloe has always been a good student but she lacked self-belief, which sometimes impacted upon her academic progress. Since being selected as a Girls Active leader, her effort in PE lessons and other subjects has really improved,’ says Jenny Towe, PE Teacher. ‘She came back from the Girls Active camp a totally different girl, with newfound confidence that has enabled her to talk to other students, lead activities and work with others to organise events for the benefit of the entire student body. She has been the driving force behind our Girls Active club every Wednesday.’

The Girls Active programme aims to make a positive difference by improving girls’ attitudes to school, raising girls’ confidence and self-esteem and increasing levels participation in sporting activities and fitness among girls. Funded by Sport England National Lottery and delivered by the Youth Sport Trust in partnership with Women in Sport, it aims to tackle declining participation in physical activity by adolescent girls and its associated implications for health, wellbeing and academic attainment.

Regional Girls Active Prizewinner for Commitment to Sport.


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