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Hats, Hats, Hats.

Hats, Hats, Hats.

Once more GMS’s Art Department has held its annual Hat Show, celebrating the successes of all Year 8 pupils’ work over the summer term.
For each group involved, it has been 14 long, arduous weeks of collaborative designing, constructing and decorating a hat based on one of six categories. Many lunchtime and after-school sessions have been filled with classrooms teemed with groups excitedly gluing, papier mâchéing and painting. The standard of the finished products was, as it is every year, extraordinary. Students and teachers alike were astounded by some of the outcomes from this cohort, including giant flower pots, Mad Hatter’s tea party top hats, unicorns, dragons and mythical creatures alike, and even a giant subway meal deal! Beginning with just a moodboard and a pencil, students were set the task of creating a design from scratch – something that would challenge even the most experienced of modellers. Closely observing colours, measurements, nets and design, students then constructed their ideas using an array of materials, including cardboard, PVA glue, staple guns, newspaper and paint (with the odd dash of glitter here and there to really add those finishing touches.)
When the day of the show arrived, Year 8 groups separated into models, dressed and armed with their headdresses. Audience members, included fellow students, parents, carers and teachers, gathered to support the occasion. Performing to varied music, and under the colourful set lights of the school hall, students sashayed their way down the catwalk to the sound of cheers and applause.
Contestants awaited the results nervously. The judges’ criteria made reference to, effort, skill, design, construction techniques and teamwork. Winners were announced to great applause and awarded with prizes to congratulate their efforts in this project.
Pictures of the winning hats, along with stills from the show, can be viewed in our online gallery.

Year 8 Hats Fashion Show 2017

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