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Big Bang Fayre

Big Bang Fayre

Recently, 183 Year 7s went to the Big Bang Fayre, at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) near Birmingham.

The aim of the Big Bang Fayre is to involve, excite, motivate and encourage participation by all young people. This was achieved as far as the GMS students were concerned.

Below are reflections from three students: Noah Grottrup, Jack Elliot and Harry Mc Nally 

“The Big Bang Trip was really enjoyable. My favourite part was going around in groups to do the activities. Personally, I liked the RAF one, where you could fly a balloon with a weight attached. There were also shows to watch that gave information about science, but I did not see the. Overall, it was a great day. Thank you for taking us.” (Noah Grottrup)

“The Big Bang Trip was the best trip yet, because there was lots to do. There were free items at all the stands and activities. I saw a big bus with a long line of people and inflatable white things, that changed colours, hanging from the ceiling. I enjoyed being at the Big Bang Fayre because there were pictures that you could poke your head through; there were headsets that made things in 3D; and a big tank that you could go inside. I learnt that you can use a bike to make hydrogen. No-one went hungry as there were food stands everywhere.” (Jack Elliot)

“At The Big Bang Fayre there were lots of things to do! In the Royal Navy part, you could try on gas masks, you could control cameras and spy on friends around the building, it was great fun to see what others were up to. There were also Electric Lego Robot inventions, which were set to a program that allowed them to shoot balls into goals and hang rings on hooks. Quite cool! I liked the electrical buttons that made funny sound effects, these buttons had motors behind them that you could see working when the sound was working.” (Harry Mc Nally)

The accounts by these students give a flavour of the day, the website team thank them for their write-ups. 

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